Sound theme day

From 1 January 2020

During the Sound theme day, we take a stroll through the evolution of sound and vibration.
Undergoing and perceiving sound, vibration and colour can bring balance.

Allow yourself to be immersed in deeply relaxing ambiances of sound and colour in the unique Elaisa sound room. This acoustic space features eight special pillars, embellished with roses. These pillars, adorned with various crystals, create a special resonance of the sounds. Depending on the depth of the tones, the colours of the lights on the specially formed stretch ceiling will also transform. Even the floor, a crystal stone floor covering, is unique and adds to an unmatched sound experience.

This inner sound voyage allows you to experience the frequencies of sound to deep within your cells, your chakras and your emotions.

Day programme

  • Programme
  • Breakfast
  • Reading
  • Sauna
  • Break from 12 o’clock until 2 o’clock
  • Sound concert
  • Yoga or Qi Gong
  • Temazcal ceremony


Before we start our day, we will meet at the restaurant to eat breakfast together.


The reading explains the effect and impact of sound. What can sound achieve and how does it affect you physically, mentally and energetically?
What are the positive effects of sound and can it confront you with difficult memories?


You and your group will then move to the sauna to enjoy the combination of sound and vibrations in the crystal sauna.
experience the tranquillity and regeneration of the body, mind and soul in this sauna.


The standard facilities at Elaisa, such as the other saunas, are available to use during the break. Enjoy the delicious dishes on offer at our restaurants.
The break is from 12 o’clock until 2 o’clock. Lunch and drinks are not included in this theme day.

Sound concert

Enjoy a 1-hour acoustic sound bath in Elaisa’s extraordinary sound room. Take a sound voyage and let sounds, crystals and colours make their way deep into your being. This pure relaxation will treat you to all manner of musical instruments that will realign you with frequencies of wellbeing, inner balance and a feeling of peace. The sound practitioner works with various ethnic instruments from all four corners of the world, such as Tibetan sound bowls, didgeridoo, Shamanic drums, crystal harp, …

Yoga or Qigong

Connect with your body and spirit during a 30-minute yoga/qigong session. You have already reached a deeper inner balance thanks to the sound concert. Now you can enhance this mental tranquillity through concentrated physical work. It promotes integration into the day and makes you more open and prepares you for the upcoming transformative session in the Temazcal.


A Temazcal, also called the “house of heat” by the Mayans, is used as part of a sweat lodge ceremony. During this ceremony, your body receives powerful cleansing, it stimulates your health and brings peace to your soul.

It is a return to the essence and stillness of your being. A deep connection with our true selves, fellow humans and nature. Through the contact with earth and its natural elements, you can feel the powerful connection with the strength of nature.

After you have experienced the elements of the theme day, you are kindly invited to make use of the free facilities on offer at Elaisa. Enjoy – relax – experience – and revive.

If you would also like an individual sound treatment, you can choose from the following:

  • Tuning forks: treatment with therapeutic tuning forks
  • Sound bowl massage: a combination treatment of a massage with essential oils and sound bowls
  • High frequency room: a mantra experience in crystal sandpit
  • High Frequency Chakra Tables: a sound treatment in combination with laying on of crystals
  • Sound healing

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